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6-12/ août 2019 // Apéritif d’ouverture : mercredi 7 août à partir de 18h30
>>VENEZUELA: Alicia RODRÍGUEZ, Ana Carolina MORENO, Jose VARELA, Marianella ANTONETTI, Marianela PÉREZ, Teresa CABELLO


"I was born in Caracas Venezuela. I graduated as a Commercial Artist at Endicott College Massachusetts and environmental design in Caracas Venezuela. I grew up surrounded by a colorful and tropical atmosphere, which Inspired me from a very young age to the pursuit of color and the curiosity for form and aesthetics making evident my inclination for art. I studied photography in a prestigious school in Venezuela and had the opportunity to Paint with different national and international creators. As an artist, I have experimented with different media, transforming the images of urban space and everyday objects into a magical space, transfiguring the visible in the abstract, the noise in music, the cloudy in illumination and reflection."

ALICIA RODRIGUEZ – USA –VENEZUELA                       

Alicia is a talented artist who was born in New York in 1956 and raised in Venezuela. She studied Architecture & Fine Arts in Venezuela. Alicia worked at the Atelier Delta d'architecture in Paris France and was trained in glass mosaic restauration in Florence - Italy as part of a restauration program with UNESCO. For the last 15 year she has worked with different medias like, glass, clay, fabrics & resin. Her artworks have been exhibited in US, Europe, Asia and Latin America


Artist’s Studio: (Wynwood Art District) 153 N.W. 36 Street. Miami Fl 33127, USA.

Clara Ochoa is a contemporary artist, born in Medellin, Colombia in 1971.

Clara Lives in Miami since 2001. She finds inspiration in fragments of nature, music,street art and most importantly love and happiness. Her art includes dynamic and sweeping brushstrokes of acrylic paint.

She explores the connection between art and music, and her artwork are known to be colorful and energetic bringing positive energy to any space. She is considered a Pop Artist and uses mixed media elements for her artistic creations.

Clara has exhibited her artwork in many galleries and exposition in Beijing, Miami,New York, Brussels and Seoul.


Artist and Architect who was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970.
She holds a degree in Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela U.C.V. and studied Fine Arts at the University of Iowa, United States.

Her Fine Art Studies in the U.S. combined with an incredible sensibility; has given her the great opportunity to develop a series of amazing sculpture and mixed media art pieces. With over eighteen years of experience in the art field, she proudly presents her original art pieces in many galleries in the United States, Europe and Asia. 

Ana's favorite medias are the sculpture and the mixed media painting. 
She specialized in Zen art and holds yearly exhibits in Korea & the People Republic of China.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on September 23, 1964.
Veterinary doctor graduated from the UCV in 1993.
After some years of personal work in the molding area and experimenting with different media, I started sculpture classes from March 2014 to March 2016, in the Ceramics and Sculpture workshop of the renowned artist Eleonora Tugues, in Caracas, Venezuela.  It is there where I formally start as a sculptor, using various techniques such as clay, fiberglass, plasticine, iron, papier machê and polyurethane foam carving.
 From there, I created several art works that highlight the movement, body expression and emotion implicit in each work.
Since June 2015, I exhibited permanently in galleries / art stores in Caracas, Venezuela.
In January 2015, I was chosen to create an image of Saint Francis of Assisi, patroness of animals, for the School of Veterinary Sciences of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where it remains and is used as the main image in the different important events of the Veterinary School.
In June 2015, I began studying goldsmithing at Fernando Silva’s Jewelry School, Caracas, Venezuela; and since then I alternate techniques in the two artistic areas.
Since February 2018, I am creating sculptures in Aluminum, especially with the character "Kanda" and my male character.


Depuis 2017, ma production artistique est essentiellement orientée vers les femmes que je peins dans une ambiance de cabaret, boîte de jazz ou scènes plus intimes en valorisant le corps de la femme et son élégance.

Aujourd’hui, mon oeuvre est exclusivement figurative, ouverte et résolument contemporaine. De la complexité des formes, je tire un dessin épuré qui exalte ce sujet résumé à l’essentiel afin de transmettre des impressions, des émotions, des atmosphères...

J’utilise trois couleurs : le rouge, le blanc et le noir
J’associe le rouge au luxe (bijoux, chapeaux) au spectacle (cabaret), à l’érotisme (nudité féminine à peine marquée) et à la passion que je voue aux femmes.
Le blanc est utilisé pour souligner la pureté des lignes du corps de la femme, pour apporter la paix et la sérénité et bien sûr pour la lumière.
Quant au noir, c’est pour moi la couleur de l’élégance et du chic.

Quand je peins, je suis dans un autre monde, je suis dans ma toile. Je suis un peintre qui se fait plaisir, avant tout !
Ma devise : "Il ne faut pas peindre vrai, il faut peindre vraisemblable" - Paul Gauguin


Born in Caracas, Venezuela on March 27th1959. Sculptor, Painter and Ceramist since 1991. Studied Architecture in UCV Caracas and also Graduated Cum Laude in Arts at I.U. ARMANDO REVERON in Caracas on 2009. Participated in several Collective and Solo Exhibitions, also Art Fairs such as Artexpo Las Vegas, Beijing Art Expo, Artexpo NY and FIA Caracas. Author of the Monument to a Venezuelan Children. UMA Fundation (“Una Mano Amiga”) Parque Cristal, Chacao, Caracas. Now living in Miami, Florida.

Artist and gallerist since 1995 born in Cali, Colombia. Virginia Hernández, started to promote artists in Cali, Colombia in 1995 with her first Art Gallery "Luna Rosa"

Arriving to France in 2002 she continues her Art studies in Paris; in 2004 the French Riviera became her inspiration in Monaco and the Medieval Village : Gorbio where she had her atelier.
She started her own exhibitions in Monaco, Portland/ Maine, Belgium, Spain, Paris and the French Riviera.

In 2008 "Luna Rosa" begins to promote Latin American artists in Europe with her nonprofit Association "COLOMBIArtistica" a slogan : Art without borders!.

In 2012 new artistic projects brings her to Belgium where she opened the in Liège with more international exhibitions inviting artists from the world to participate.

In 2018 opening in Brussels of her own art atelier and her new Art Gallery space. 


Jose Varela is an artist Spanish / Venezuelan photographer born in 1983. For over 12 years he has studied the fundamentals of photography in several academies. Combining his studies with groundbreaking tricks, techniques and gadgets he captures the world as he sees it. His elegant images have been showcased in Venezuela, US, Europe and Asia. Jose has experience in the marketing world when he was the CFO for the biggest tourism and hotel guide magazine back in Venezuela.


Lorena Fernandez Abuchaibe is a Colombian artist born in 1964 in Barranquilla.

With a career in advertising, Lorena Fernandez Abuchaibe makes abstract paintings parallel to her job, in her pieces she plays with the material and the brush strokes and paints solid flats that are left visible to sublimate the color.

Her work has been included in the Ibero-American Encyclopedia Plastic Artists Contemporary in 2012, and her pieces has been exhibited in numerous prestigious art galleries as well as in several museums throughout the world such as "the Carrousel du Louvre" in Paris and "the Museum of Americas" in Miami, The United States.

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