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EXPOSITION en Avril à Bruxelles, du Livre MARIPOSA DE UN CAPO, Tejiendo Alas de Libertad

2-22 avril 2019
Galerie La Spirale
Chaussée de Wavre 224
1050 Bruxelles

Exposición del libro MARIPOSA DE UN CAPO, Tejiendo Alas de Libertad de LUNA ROSA.
“Mi país, Colombia, tuvo una época muy difícil durante mi trayectoria de vida entre 1980 y 1996. En este libro, he cambiado los nombres de personajes y de ciudades por discreción y respeto. Con MARIPOSA DE UN CAPO, no pretendo denunciar a ninguna de las personas que interactuaron en este periodo sombrío de altibajos, todo lo contrario, es un escrito de liberación, proceso en el cual me tomé 15 años para culminarlo y sanarme. Perdonar y perdonarme. Ilustrar una época de duelo y de poder en mi ciudad natal”
Exposition du livre « Mariposa de un Capo, Tejiendo Alas de Libertad » de la trilogie : Ailes de Liberté sans victimisation.
"Mon pays, la Colombie, a connu une période très difficile au cours de mon parcours de vie entre 1980 et 1996. Dans mon livre j'ai changé les noms des personnages et des villes pour des raisons de discrétion et de respect. Avec Mariposa de un Capo, je n’ai pas l’intention de dénoncer les personnes qui ont interagi dans cette sombre période de hauts et de bas, c’est au contraire une écriture de libération, processus dans lequel j’ai mis 15 ans à le matérialiser et à me guérir. Le pardon avant tout. Illustrez une période de deuil et de pouvoir dans ma ville natale "

Bientôt version française.
Livre en espagnol sur Amazon:






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2ème édition 2019 organisée en partenariat par Art Center Miami & Galerie La Spirale.
 Une tournée artistique internationale qui présente 9 artistes talentueux dans deux galeries d’art à Miami et Bruxelles. 

Projet initié en 2013 entre les deux galeries, 
en échange interculturel entre la Belgique et les États-Unis.

Les dates des expositions :
Bruxelles: 14-21 mars 2019 / Vernissage le 14 mars

Miami: 4-11 avril 2019 /Vernissage le 4 avril

Artistes participants: 

Alicia RODRIGUEZ - Venezuela
Alejandro SZILÁGYI - Hongrie
Dalia BERLIN  - Espagne
Carlos TIRADO - Venezuela
Christine DRUMMOND - Brésil
Clara OCHOA – Colombie
Eric WÜRSTEN - Suisse
José VARELA - Espagne
Tania RIERA - Venezuela

Deux galeristes latino-américaines en équipe 
pour promouvoir les artistes en Belgique et aux États-Unis

Virginia Hernández, directrice Galerie La Spirale Bruxelles
Ana Carolina Moreno, directrice d'Art Center Miami


 Sculptures de CARLOS TIRADO, Peintures de CHRISTINE DRUMMOND, 
 Prix d'honneur au photographe ERIC WÜRSTEN

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This month of March Galerie La Spirale in the Kingdom of Belgium will showcase the artworks of a selected group of artists. This exhibition is part of a VIP gallery Tour that started six years ago in 2013 as an intercultural gallery exchange between Belgium and United States.

Galerie La Spirale  & Art Center Miami present an international juried gallery show in two magnificent cities: Brussels & Miami. This cultural exchange at a gallery level, showcases artists with a strong background in arts and promote ART as a universal language. The invited artists for this VIP gallery exhibition are the following:

Dalia Berlin is a talented artist and professional interior designer born in Madrid, Spain. Dalia studied in United States at the Art Institute of Dallas and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Her soul found a new path in storytelling that truly comes alive in her “Meninas” series inspired in the master Velazquez. Dalia’s preferred techniques are mixed media paintings and collages, which add other elements for dimension in her art. Her work has been showcased in US and Europe

Christine Drummond is a talented artist born and raised in Brazil. She received her education at the French Lycee in Rio de Janeiro. She began her career creating colorful oil paintings always depicting her native country. Fifteen years ago, an art exhibit by professor Ablade Glover’s inspired Christine to define her instrument of creation. It is then when Christine put down the brushes and started working exclusively with palette knife. Her artworks have been shown all over the world.

Clara Ochoa is a talented artist born in Colombia in 1971. She studied Fine Arts & Design in Medellin, Colombia. Clara has successfully exhibited her artwork in Colombia, Asia and US where she has her studio in the art district of Wynwood, Florida. She has collectors of her work in Europe, South and North America. Her artworks are colorful and energetic bringing positive energies to any space. She is considered a pop artist and uses mixed media elements for her artistic creations.

Tania Riera is a talented artist who was born in Venezuela in 1966. She studied Interior Design and Fine Arts in United States where she currently lives and works. Tania loves expressing through rich colors and textures in art. Her favorite medias are acrylic and watercolor. Among her passion for the arts Tania is also a talented writer and loves literature and music. Tania has successfully exhibited her artworks in educational centers, galleries and recognized art fairs in Florida - United States.
Alicia Rodriguez is a talented artist who was born in New York in 1956 and raised in Venezuela. She studied Architecture & Fine Arts in Venezuela. Alicia worked at the Atelier Delta d'architecture in Paris France and was trained in glass mosaic restauration in Florence - Italy as part of a restauration program with UNESCO. For the last 15 year she has worked with different medias like, glass, clay, fabrics & resin. Her artworks have been exhibited in US, Europe, Asia and Latin America

Alejandro Szilágyi is a talented contemporary artist from Venezuela who studied fine arts in Germany. He was born in 1955 in Venezuela and currently lives in Colombia. Most of his artworks are on wood or metals and always using the nature as his main theme. Alejandro started the art of woodcarving at an early age, and until today he continues creating masterpieces in wood. He has successfully exhibited his signature sculptures in United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Carlos Tirado is a talented contemporary artist born in Venezuela in 1964. He studied fine arts in Venezuela and seeking to internationalize his work he moved to the United States over twenty years ago. Since then he began to participate in art fairs, biennials and exhibitions in Asia and Europe. His work has been recognized by the warmth and expression in its abstract movements.  Carlos works with different art techniques and has mastered the creation of abstract paintings and sculptures.
Jose Varela is a talented Spanish / Venezuelan photographer born in 1983. For over 12 years he has studied the fundamentals of photography in several academies. Combining his studies with groundbreaking tricks, techniques and gadgets he captures the world as he sees it. His elegant images have been showcased in Venezuela, US, Europe and Asia. Jose has experience in the marketing world when he was the CFO for the biggest tourism and hotel guide magazine back in Venezuela.

Eric Würsten is a talented photographer born in Switzerland and raised in the U.S. Eric has successfully exhibited his photography series in Europe, US and Canada. As a professional biologist, his environmental photography always capture the beauty in nature with unique sensibility. His photography series has been showcased at the Centre Civic Pati Llimona - Barcelona in Spain, at the Unitarian Universalist Gallery in Washington - US, and at the Niagara Falls Museum in Ontario, Canada.

After the exhibition in Europe at the gallery La Spirale located in the capital of the United Kingdom of Belgium, the artworks will continue this cultural tour to America.
Once in the United States of America, Art Center Miami will hold the exhibit at its gallery located in the main art district of the city.

This Duo Galleries Tour will be presented accordingly:


March 14th to 21st Brussels - Belgium. Vernissage Thursday  March 14th   2019

At: Galerie La Spirale - Chausée de Wavre 224-1050 Bruxelles


April 4th to 11th Miami – United States. Vernissage Thursday April 4th  2019

At: Miart Space Gallery: 151 NW 36 St. Miami, FL 33127 - Wynwood

Despite the artists are from different countries and have different languages the art unifies them with a global language. Collective art exhibition arranged and curated by Galerie La Spirale & Art Center Miami directors Ms Virginia Hernandez & Ana Carolina Moreno


La Galerie la Spirale y el Atelier Luna Rosa en alianza cultural con La Casa de América Latina de Bruselas, su espacio S.O.S Género, tienen el gusto de invitarlos a la apertura de la siguiente exposición durante el mes de la mujer: 

>> Exposición itinerante FEMMES DU MONDE BRUXELLES 2019, 5a edición. 

Artistas participantes: Angel Loaiza - Perú / Dalia Berlin - España / Carlos Rojas - Venezuela / Marisol León y Marina López - Colombia

>>Fecha cocktail y conferencia del espacio S.O.S Género : viernes 8 de marzo / 19h - LugarGalerie La Spirale, Chaussée de Wavre, 1050 Ixelles.   

Evento FB:


Lors de cette 5ème édition, FEMMES DU MONDE BRUXELLES, nous avons travaillé dans le cadre d’une alliance culturelle avec la Maison de l’Amérique latine à Bruxelles et son projet "SOS Genre", un service d’aide aux victimes de violences conjugales et intrafamiliales qui lutte contre les violences de genre. Il accueille un public  d'Amérique latine et hispanophone résidant en Belgique, en particulier des femmes. 

Une conférence sera également organisée le 8 mars à 19h à la Galerie La Spirale par la responsable du service "S.O.S Genre", Maday Valdés Pacheco, psychologue clinicien. L’objectif est de commémorer la Journée internationale des femmes et, en particulier, de créer une conscience face à la violence de genre, une réalité mondiale qui nous concerne tous.
 Être un point de référence pour que les personnes qui subissent des violences dans leur environnement de vie, se sentent en confiance pour demander de l'aide.

Artistes participants : Angel Loaiza (Pérou) / Dalia Berlin (Espagne) / Carlos Rojas (Venezuela) / Marisol León et Marina López (Colombie)


En esta 5ta edición MUJERES DEL MUNDO BRUSELAS, trabajamos en alianza cultural con la Casa de América Latina de Bruselas y su Proyecto "SOS género", un servicio de ayuda a víctimas de violencia conyugal e intrafamiliar, y de lucha contra la violencia de género. El mismo acoge a un público latinoamericano e hispanohablante residente en Bélgica, y especialmente mujeres, 

Además habrá una conferencia el día 8 de marzo a las 19h, que será ofrecida por la responsable del Servicio "S.O.S Género", Maday Valdés Pacheco, psicóloga clínica. El objetivo es conmemorar el día internacional de la mujer, y especialmente, generar una toma de conciencia frente a la violencia de género, una realidad mundial que nos concierne a todos. 

Ser un punto de referencia para que las personas que padezcan violencia en su entorno de vida, se sientan en confianza para pedir ayuda. 

Artistas participantes: Angel Loaiza (Perú) / Dalia Berlin (España) / Carlos Rojas (Venezuela) / Marisol León et Marina López (Colombia)