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LA COLOMBIE en ARC-EN-CIEL à la Maison de l'Amérique Latine de Bruxelles /12.2017

The exhibition Colombian rainbow brings together three Colombian artists who pretend through their works, illustrate the joyful Colombia, with spirit of color always present in its people. 
Colombia has overcome with strength and optimism crisis and period of violence, being at the moment a country that reborn receiving great amount of tourists marveling with the varied natural charms that Colombia possesses. 
Welcome to the cultural Colombia, to the Colombia with her heart in rainbows.

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El evento Colombia en Arcoíris reúne tres artistas colombianas que pretenden por medio de sus obras, ilustrar la Colombia alegre, con espíritu de color siempre presente en sus habitantes. 
Colombia ha superado con fortaleza y optimismo crisis y periodo de violencia, siendo actualmente un país que renace con ahínco, acogiendo gran cantidad de turistas maravillados con los variados encantos naturales que posee Colombia.
Bienvenidos a la Colombia cultural, a la Colombia con su corazón en arco iris.

Throughout her career, Anny Collazos work has been characterized for reflecting a great sensitivity in each of the pieces she creates; her visual acuity and passion while working ends up reflecting a dialogue and harmony between colors and emotions that results in a piece with shapes and contrasts never imagined.

Painting, understand as one of the must subjective channels used by people for expressing themselves, has let Anny to drill down on her own thoughts and emotions and use it as a way to create connections between her experiences, fantasies, desires and aspirations. This connection with herself is essential at the moment she starts painting, as it provides her the honesty  and boldness to develop an authentic and unique  with consistent harmony in the management of colors as well as powerful contrasts.

Dedicated to art by vocation and passion of full-time, Dora Luz Delgado discovers through her work the social and cultural impact that art has in the human behavior, linked actively to their environment by connecting her work with various branches of art and social work; the technical and conceptual aspect leaning especially by the surrealist topic.

Her style is marked by warm colors, large formats, undulating figures and spheres of glass, marbles and bubbles that float in infinite environments all connected each other by representations of brain patterns containing the DNA of his infinite innocence with the memories more pure and signifiers reliving a beautiful load ancestral games and fantasies.

 “Virginia Hernández is bringing to you, the tropic and its light through her work. Using art to reveal the beauties of her beloved Colombia, Virginia employs spatula to create geometric symbols describing a perpetual movement and symbolizing the cycles of the human transformation. Her canvases depict daily situations, emotions, and memories. Her colors embody her strength and oscillate between figurative and abstract styles to foment constant passion. »

Valérie Guillet, Portland-Maine. TROPICAL MAGIC with MOSAÏCS of LIGHT – Individual Exhibition, Portland MAINE/2009

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