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Exposition à but non lucratif
EXHIBITION “NAÏF ART MONACO 2015” organized by COLOMBIArtistica in Europe
in collaboration with GalerieLaSpirale.be

Director : Virginia Hernández
Office: Rue des Genêts; 2 B / 4000 Liège Belgium
Cell Phone : +32 470 / 93.85.41
E-mail : colombiartistica@hotmail.fr

The Cultural Association COLOMBIArtística in Europe, presents for the 2ND time, the fine art event "ART NAÏF MONACO 2015 Exhibition” organized in the Principality of Monaco. The exhibition place: GPC Art Gallery. It is located in the World Trade Center in Fontvieille Monaco, there is 4 Towers which includes several multinationals and embassies.

Honored artists Susan Medyn (Usa) / Barbara Jozefowicz(Poland) / Alejandro Pinzón Artista Visual (Colombia).

Participating artists :
Aimo Katajainen - FINLAND
Angela Gomes - BRASIL
Isabel Guidi - ARGENTINA
Josefina Flandoli - ECUADOR
Lola López - SPAIN
Luis Gomez- COLOMBIA
Luna Rosa - COLOMBIA
Marie-claude Bosc Depretz - FRANCE
Philippe Seutin - BELGIUM
Sculptrices :

Aimo Katajainen, born in 1948 in Valkeala, now living in Kouvola, Finland.
Started painting in 1960's in fantasy- or surrealistic style for 5 - 6 years.
Forgot painting for almost thirty years to start again in Naive style in 1996.

Solo exhibitions from 1997 to 2006 in Finland and France.
Participation in several collective exhibitions in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and USA. 
Paintings in many private and public collections around Europe.
Paintings in museums: Kouvola Art Museum, Finland
Museum de Arte Contemporanea, Bahia, Brasil
Museo Naif en Santa Maria la Real de Nieva, Spain
The chairman of The Association of Finnish Naive Artists.


Alejandro Pinzón est né en 1971, dans la municipalité de Charalá, Santander du Sud en Colombie. Un département riche en histoire,  caractherisé par un peuple guerrier où la révolution a commencée en 1781 pour se libérer des abus des  espagnols. Cette histoire a influencée Alejandro, un de ses thèmes réalisés dans ses toiles spontanées ainsi que ses souvenirs d’enfance des ruelles et des traditions de sa chère Charalá.  Depuis tout petit, il lisait beaucoup avec son père; il avait son livre préféré : une  encyclopédie pour enfants; passioné par les images des tableaux de Rousseau, Picasso, Da Vinci, et Dali il décida son destin. Son professeur de musique, Supelano, a beaucoup influencé le peintre encore enfant. Plus tard il a étudié la peinture et les notions de l’art Naïf avec son maître, l’artiste naïf colombien, Manolo Díaz. Il persevère dans sa peinture depuis 30 ans, avec une vaste trajectoire internationale.


Angela Gomes values regional landscapes in simple forms and uses them as an expression of popular tradition ( people, their habits and customs).
Dedicated, determined, disciplined, Angela strives for challenges that will diversify her works, making them attractive and involving .
Her work is serious and, while fine, is rich in colors to reflect a Vitória that is reflect with birds, kites, flowers, playfulness people that stroll, dance work and sing. This is a typically Brazilian work reflecting happiness and the blessed nature of Vitória. Angela has particpated in various exhibitions in the State and in Brazil presenting her work in exhibitions, libraries, museums, national and intenational private showings and collections in Brazil, Spain, England, Switzerland, Bulgaria, South Korea, Usa, Greece, Japan, France, etc
 Angela hopes that her pictures will offer the admirer a pleasant reflection of the magic world that is painting.

Barbara Jozefowicz was born in Poland.
She spent over 15 years outside of her country and her paintings, born of nostalgic memories of her childhood in Poland, portray simple, easily-understandable and often idealized scenes of everyday life.
Her naïve art is characterized by a refreshing innocence and the charming use of bright colors and child-like perspective. It warms the heart and soothes the soul!


My name is Isabel Guidi, I’m 64 years old, I was born on November 25th 1950 in a little village in Argentina.
I’ve always been in love with Naive style, but for some reasons it’s only in 1988 that I could get in contact with it, having unfortunately to leave it for a while, to finally and definitively take it back in 2002. The act of painting is for me to put in practice everything I was and everything I am, because I express my adventures through painting, and more so I’m constantly in search, to improve myself day by day. Naive art has blessed me with many satisfactions, like meeting painters from all over the world, having people acknowledge my work by buying my paintings and by doing so they welcomed a part of me in their home. I’m also moved to have been able to participate in exhibitions in my country as well as in Europe, to get first prizes and distinctions in several occasions, and also to have been part of Festivals in Verneuil (France), Poland, Brussels, Barcelona, Denmark, Berlin, The Midan museum in France, and lately in Liège, Belgium. All of this keeps me going, it makes me dream, and paint, of course.


Josefina Flandoli was born in Cuenca, Ecuador in 1962. She´s an autodidactic artist that started painting since she was a little girl. She participated in her first exposition when she was just 16 years old in 1978. Josefina has been part of more than 200 group art  exhibitions  and she has exhibit by herself 14 times in her origin country and another 14 times in foreign countries including United States, France, Monaco, Belgium, China and Netherlands.
 “Naif painting is an authentic form of expression in the world of art, it let us a free use of language, shapes, colours, signs, symbols, materials and techniques that make possible the conception and  realistic  view of a creative work with absolute freedom. With the simple design of the world that surrounds me, and with a direct message, I transfer to the wood or canvas all my experiences, memories, dreams, illusions, emotions and feelings that have a deep meaning in my life, associated to the collective memory of my town.
Through my art I pretend to contribute to the culture of my country, Ecuador, and mi city, Cuenca. That´s the main reason to rescue and investigate about traditions, popular arts, religious and profane celebrations and, the respect that I suggest for the human nature, the human being, whom I consider the base of this vast universe”.
“Paint can be the carrier of a fraternal message to strengthen friendship ties and cultural integration”.
She was awarded in 1992 with the “Premio Especial”, in the “"Primer Salón Nacional de Arte Puro" (First National Salon of Naif Art), at the Modern Art Museum at Cuenca, Ecuador.

Her paintings have been selected four times by UNICEF, to be the cover of their Christmas cards edition, including their millennium special edition in 2000


Lola López Fernández was born on 7 May 1957 in Montalban de Cordoba, a small village in the south of Spain. At 24 she got married and moved to La Rambla, where she lives with her family. She studied Teaching at the University of Cordoba and since 1991 she has worked as a primary school teacher at San Jose school in Montilla.

In the 90s she began to dabble in painting, but it was in 2005, after her trip to Africa, when her artistic life started. Her inspiration comes from her childhood memories in the Andalusian countryside, where she spent a long time with her family. Her reminiscences of nature, heat, sunsets and scents will definitely mark her life as a painter. Besides, the different places she has visited around the world have also influenced her works with their passionate colours.

She was awarded the Audience Award in the exhibition Art Freedom in Paris in 2012 and has exhibited her paintings in Spain, Monaco, France, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Israel and the USA (Miami, Boston and New York).
In the year of 1993 in Cali, Colombia, he started to work with stained glass as an autodidact creating small decorative objects and then lamps with one higher level of complexity. During the years 1998 through 2000 he works at the Cultural Center of Art and Crafts teaching the stained glass technique to groups of adults.
In the year 2001 he traveled to the United States and works in Shed Brand Studio, one of the more traditional stained glass studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.
On his return to Colombia in 2003 creates his own stained glass studio and since then, he develops large-format residential and religious works. From this experience comes the motivation to produce their elaborate works framed within the naive art, some of which have been part of two exhibitions in Belgium: one in the L’Espiral Gallery in Liège, 2013 and another, in the Castle of Waroux, 2014.


Artist and gallerist since 1995 who was born in Cali, Colombia. Virginia Hernández, started to promote artists in Cali, Colombia in 1995 with her first Art Gallery "Luna Rosa" Arriving to France in 2002 she continues her Art studies in Paris; in 2004 the French Riviera became her inspiration in her atelier in the Medieval Village: Gorbio. She started her own exhibitions in Monaco, Portland/ Maine, Belgium, Spain, Paris and the French Riviera, especially in Monaco. In 2008 "Luna Rosa" started to promote Latin American artists in Europe with her non profit Association "COLOMBIArtística".
In 2010 it became international, promoting new artists from the World in cultural exchange. In 2012 new artistic projects brings her to Belgium where she opened "La Galerie LA SPIRALE" in Liège, in intercultural space where she propose cultural exchanges with artists from the world. In 2014 International projection in USA started with more exhibitions inviting artist from the world. Her Slogan : Art without borders

Marie Claude Bosc, est une artiste peintre expressionniste naïve, née en 1958 et sociétaire des Artistes Français depuis mars 2013. Fascinée par les charmes et les lumières du vieux Paris, de ses ruelles, de ses brasseries, de ses jardins, elle peuple ce décor toujours renouvelé, de personnages évoluant entre la bande dessinée et la caricature, parfois touchant et souvent drôles.
A la frontière des Naïfs, mais aussi influencée par Lautrec, et par de grands caricaturistes comme Daumier, et Dubout, ses huiles essaient de restituer la quintessence de l’esprit Parisien.
Elle est également céramiste et crée de petits modelages en grès émaillé représentant des personnages humoristiques appartenant aux mondes enchantés de l’enfance, de la musique et de la danse. www.marie-claude-bosc.odexpo.com / www.artactif.com/bosc / www.guidarts.com


Originaire de la Pologne, j’ai découvert ma passion pour la céramique en France, à Grenoble. Dès le début j’avais l’impression, confirmée ensuite par mes expériences, que le processus de création des œuvres céramiques a son côté imprévisible et presque magique. Cela m’a permis de nourrir mon imagination et d'en dépasser les frontières. J’ai participé à quelques expositions d’art telles que le Festival d’Art Naïf à Verneuil-sur-Avre (prix du public en céramique), Festival d’Art Naïf en Pologne, et le 3ème Biennale d’Art Naïf à Bruxelles. Depuis quelques années j’habite à Bruxelles ; c’est ici que je crée les personnages qui, j’espère, donneront le sourire aux visiteurs.

Philippe Seutin est né en 1948, habite à Namur. Retraité, il peut s'adonner à sa passion après une carrière de chimiste rigoureusement remplie.Découvert fortuitement dans une brocante, alors qu'il voulait liquider ses "croutes",il est encouragé par un amateur spécialisé en Art Naïf, qui l'introduit dans le "milieu". Après quelques concours et expos,le succès mûrit et l'aventure s'accélère. Aujourd'hui, Seutin c'est 600 toiles réalisées et montrées dans 70 expos. Il pratique une peinture malicieuse, gaie en ne se compliquant pas la vie et en oeuvrant sagement avec ses vérités, ses convictions, son humour. C'est une pièce de théâtre ou la mise en scène se trouve dans le quotidien le plus prosaïque et le plus rassurant.


"Aimant profondément le contact de la terre, je prends avec délice ce qu'elle me donne. Il est étonnant de découvrir ces formes, ces visages toujours si différents, surgir sans prévenir de la glaise. La "technique" portée par l'imagination fait naître des personnages qui racontent leur histoire. A nous de les comprendre et les écouter."

Elle fréquente depuis 6 ans les ateliers Voot et du Chant d'Oiseau et expose régulièrement depuis 2003. A obtenu le 1er prix de céramique en 2003 et le 3éme prix en 2005 au Festival d'Art International de Neufchâteau ainsi que le 3ème prix au concours d'Art Plastique d'Eghezée en 2006. A participé plusieurs années au Festival d'Art Naïf de Verneuil-sur-Avre et Katowice en Pologne en 2010.

Susan Medyn has been making fantastical watercolors for over 35 years. She is inspired by her love of color, a sense of playfulness and whimsy and a passion for painting. She is currently exhibiting at Galerie Spirale in Belgium,L’space 30 in Belgium, Chateaux de Beauregard in Belgium, and recently exhibited at the 7th Annual Festival D’Art Naif in Katowice, Poland,  The Artful Heart in Arlington, MA,  and via South Coast Artists Open Studio Tours  in 2014.
Medyn is gifted with a color sense as savory as fresh fruit and an imagination capable of setting genetics soundly on its ear. She gives life to an astonishing wonderland of beasties, plants and totemic trees, part vegetable, part animal and part apartment house for a diminutive universe of creatures. At times her work superficially recalls such diverse artists as Paul Klee and Dr. Seuss. Yet her work is decidedly her own; it has remarkable ability to appeal to virtually every level of sophistication.” – Noel Suter, Metroland

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