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Posted on Sunday, February 16, 2014 4:18 PM

A group of talented artists will join an interesting cultural exchange between galleries in Europe and US. This elite group of emerging artists with over six years of experience will participate in exhibitions in France, Belgium and United States starting next February 28.

The exhibition is coordinated by three gallery directors with over fifteen years of experience in the art market. The selected artists for this VIP tour are as it follows: Gonzalo Sanchez, Eliana Martinez, Leonor Anthony, William Villanueva, Ana Carolina Moreno, Yve Poucet, Yolanda Velazquez, Veronica Amaya, Ana Maria Hoyos y Luna Rosa.

The interesting part of this project is that these enthusiastic gallery directors are not only artists but business owners with a wide vision on the global art market.

In this picture the gallery director Virginia Hernandez, Artist 
Ana Maria Hoyos and Gallery Director Ana Carolina Moreno at Galerie La Spirale in Liège.

Who are these Gallery entrepreneur ??

Mr. Denis Cornet, the Director of Galerie Thuillier has been in the art business since 1998. With a family tradition he continues with the gallery located in the Marais art district in Paris. The Galerie Thuillier built up a partnership with Cannes Contemporary Art Festival and is well known for its French-Japanese cultural Exchange.

Ms Ana Carolina Moreno, the director of Art Center Miami, has been in the art business since 1997. She is an architect/ sculptor who no tonly promotes artists exhibitions in the US but abroad. Art Center Miami is a window to the international market in Asia, Europe and Latin America for any professional artist. Art Center Miami gallery space is located in the Wynwood art District in Miami, Florida.

Ms Virginia Hernandez, the Director of Galerie La Espirale was born in Colombia and has been in the art business sin 1995 with her first gallery in Cali. Virginia calls Belgium her home, where she directs the Galerie La Spirale located in the historical city of Liege.  In our interview with Ms Virginia we asked her…

What do you think about the art contemporary movement in Europe? “Since 2002 I am living in Europe,and from the beginning I saw a permanent art contemporary evolution. The art is a response to external forces technological, ecological, the impact of the architectural transformation of cities. Art evolves as I check permanently for example in Paris, where succession and transformation of images, means of different techniques like videos, installations, sculpture, large formats. It represents the freedom of the artist's creativity, I have found a pure expressionism. Every time I visit an Exhibition either in Belgium, Holland or France or any other city, I have the impression that the artist tries desperately to leave an art print through his work with a pictorial language.”

This VIP Gallery tour has an excellent Itinerary that starts in the beautiful city of Paris this month of February and continues with this Itinerary for gallery presentations and cocktails:

-PARIS, Galerie Thuillier : February 28th - March 18/ Vernissage: Sat March 1st from 6pm to 9 pm

- KINGDOM OF BELGIUM, Galerie La Spirale, Liège: March 21st- 30st / Vernissage March 28 From 6 to 9 pm

- MIAMI, Art Center Wynwood : April 4th - 13 - OpeningVernissage  April 4th  / Wynwood art walk  cocktail April 12th  /Both cocktails From 7pm to 10 pm

Our team congratulate the effort of this cultural event thatbrings cultures together with the universal language of ART.

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